@MeyersManx – 2015/2016 Winter Chassis Refresh

Here we go with an update, the best cruising we had in 2015;

was in the fall…. yeah go figure!

The summer of 2015 wasn’t the greatest. It was a cool and wet summer, but…

Well, a Canadian first was still driving the Buggy into the November! Usually by the end of October, it would have been winterized in the garage, up on blocks and the engine pickled, ready for the long cold winter ahead of us. Check out some of the last Indian Summer cruise nights of 2015.


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Then mid November and the end of December 2015…

I made the sad decision to start ripping #BadManxBuggy apart and separate the body from the chassis. Separating the body from the chassis was a slow cautious process not to damage the paint job. Once everything was disconnected such as the fuel lines, electrical and all the bolts in the body were removed, I started inching the body off the chassis.

My son James and I built a wooden frame to support the body before hoisting it upward. Right now it is sitting inches away from rolling the chassis out from underneath it.

Now, I am in the process of sourcing the parts to restore the 1964 chassis. The Canadian dollar and shipping costs are killing me. I found what I need from http://www.cip1.ca — but, unfortunately one side of the floor panels are on backorder until middle of April.

Check out the progress so far, I will keep you posted on the progress and once the parts have been delivered…


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