R.I.P. #Vegas April 14/2010 – Nov 13/2018 – you will be sadly missed

It’s been a few weeks and #Vegas has been the hardest best friend (Dog) (#God) to get over, memory of my Dad that passed away in February, my Mom’s sister in March, both to #Cancer and now our #Vegas that has been such a big part of our lives.
Life really sucks, and it’s hard to stay positive…

Yesterday our Yorkie-poo names Vegas passed away from Kidney or Liver disease (I’m so messed up I don’t even know which) peacefully in our arms. He was my best friend, drinking buddy, never had any excuses and was always by my side. Watching TV, playing on the steps, that he loved to do for some reason, travel buddy, that has traveled from Kitchener, Ontario to New Orleans, to Clearwater, Florida and every state up the I-75 and I-77.

We have had so many good memories to cherish that will make his passing even harder to accept.

I wanted to share the following good times, from helping me work on #BadManxBuggy to chill’in out, R.I.P #Vegas…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In loving memory,

Brian and Donna


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