#BadManxBuggy is taking a little longer than expected

Well, I had to take a work break, but now I’m back working on the #Meyers #Manx #DuneBuggy. From my last update this was the….

To do list:

  • Adjust the clutch… I can’t get it in reverse
  • Adjust the brakes… the peddle is too low
  • Adjust the headlights
  • Align the front end and make sure everything is tight
  • Checked that the electrical system is charging properly

So far, I have completed the following:

  • Clutch and shifter linkage has been adjusted
  • Brakes have been set up and feel good
  • Next up, put the wheels back on, drop it on the ground and another test spin
  • The still needs to be done….

I have to remember I had this completely part and stripped down to… well here is a show from the summer of 2016…

Time to get those tires back on….


#BadManxBuggy Bri @ http://www.BadManxBuggy.com


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