#BadManxBuggy #DuneBuggy Update

Well, I had to take a another work break, but now I’m back working on the #Meyers #Manx #DuneBuggy.

Well the list is getting smaller, I ran into an issue with the break lights, compounding my electrical problems… long story short, the original 1964 brake light switch failed, after 55 years of services! What’s up with that? #DasQuality #DasAuto

To do list:

  • Done 😉 Adjust the clutch… I can’t get it in reverse
  • Done 😉 Adjust the brakes… the peddle is too low
  • Done 😉Adjust the headlights
  • Align the front end and make sure everything is tight
  • Done 😉 Checked that the electrical system is charging properly

I still need to put a few things back together from working on the above, but pretty minor compared to the last few years.

More to come, after tomorrow, once I finish another test drive… can’t wait to take it for a real cruise, and not just a spin around the block.


#BadManxBuggy Bri @ http://www.BadManxBuggy.com

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