#Thunderstorms not impressed… #BadManxBuggy

Well, I was feeling pretty good that the buggy was stable enough to take my wife for a cruise today. I checked the weather and double checked the radar and off we go…

Well, yup, you guessed it, we didn’t get 15 minutes out and the first few drops hit… Oh I was so upset, all my hard work and within seconds is was all messed up.

We pulled under a tree and thought it would last long. One of the home owners came out to talk, turns out he had an orange buggy when he turned 16… a neighbor offered his garage to park in and wait it out. We had a chat for a bit, the rain was slowing down, I checked the radar and more was on its way, plus weather warning were posted now…

We thanks the wonderful people and took a run for it…

Well, now now it’s clean up time…


#BadManxBuggy Bri @ http://www.BadManxBuggy.com

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