Knockdown kits: How VW spread Beetle assembly across the world

Interesting story, and #Hagerty will not insure a Meyers Manx #DuneBuggy really! My insurance has gone up from ~200.00 bucks a year (when #INTAC dumped me after requesting an appraisal… NICE; I’ll never do business with them again) to ~2400.00; Nordique is the only insurance company in Ontario, Canada.

Well, I guess it’s not their fault, but, if they are the only company to insure my classic authenticated Manx, then, they have all our nutz in a vise, dictating the price. I’m not ready to put it up on the #Barrett-Jackson auctioning block yet, but, when retired it may not be an option at $2400.00 bucks a year!

This my rant for the day #F^ck_2020 and come on 2021, I never looked forward to a new year, until, this year.

Stay safe, and healthy,


#BadManxBuggy Bri @


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