Might be the last cruise of 2021… for #BadManxBuggy

Well, after a 12 hour night 🌙 shift.... I woke up to 24 degrees Celsius and clear skies... My wife, wanted to do some gardening and I suggested we take the buggy for a run and get a Dairy Queen... Hot fudge Sunday... That's all I needed to say, and off we go... A Tim… Continue reading Might be the last cruise of 2021… for #BadManxBuggy


GermanAire Car Show & Social – Niagara Falls, Ontario

2021 - And yet again, a sad, sad year for the first Niagara GermanAire Car Show & Social formerly the June Jitterbug show. 😢 Another year the stars and the moon 🌙aligned perfectly 🥰 with my work schedule 📅 and boom 💥 my hopes and dreams to show off my hard work between 2015 and 2019... reworking… Continue reading GermanAire Car Show & Social – Niagara Falls, Ontario

@calimports # BadManxBuggy

Hey, quick update and a shout out to California Imports Parts (Canada) . I received my first shipment by Loomis yesterday in perfect condition. The box arrived in great condition, and they did a good job packing my order. Check it out no damage... Just ordered the floor pans today, next update to follow. Thanks… Continue reading @calimports # BadManxBuggy