Bad Manx Buggy ®™

Brian & Donna’s 

Welcome to our Meyer’s Manx Dune Buggy blog site! This is very exciting to be able to display our pride and joy for all to see, over the World Wide Web. We are from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada located one hour west of Toronto or three hours east of Windsor. We attend most of the local shows in our area and we have traveled as far as the Michigan Bug Out in Milan, Michigan. Note: this vehicle is not a trailer baby and I hate when we get caught in the rain! It take hours of cleaning and a number of q-tips.

Please cruise around our blog site and enjoy the history, specs and head on over to “News and Updates” tab for the latest on Bad Manx Buggy ®™. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to post your comments or contact me by email at .

C-Ya @ the shows and have fun!


Honoring his legacy, remembering my Dad;

Every day I work on #BadManxBuggy or watch a #NASCAR race is going to bring back memories of my Dad and the time we spent together.
William James Sommerville
December 9th, 1933 – Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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