The Specs…

Quick Specs:

  • Owner: Brian and Donna Sommerville
  • Licensed and Registered on a 1958 Volkswagen Beetle pan
  • Year: Stock Chassis = 1964 / Stock 1600cc Engine = 1974
  • Paint: Custom Black Splatter
  • Trans Axle: Stock 1964 Swing Axle
  • Suspension: Lowered Front Beam with Stock Shocks
  • Clutch: 1700 lbs. Kennedy Clutch
  • Exhaust: Mega Duals
  • Intake: Baby Dellorto Dual Carburetors
  • Authenticated and Registered Meyers Manx fibreglass Dune Buggy Body
  • Acquired in 1967 by Vera and James Sommerville
  • Rebirth from 1973 to 1974; with a 1964 chassis
  • PRP Seats – Custom Colour suspended seats
  • Chrome Shocks Front and Rear
  • Harley Davidson ®™ Mirrors, Rear Brake and Signal Lights
  • 2015 – 2018 Refurbish the 1964 chassis and more… little details to follow…
    • #ProjectChassis2015 – pulled off the road and tore down #BadManxBuggy to the 1964 Chassis
    • #ProjectChassis2016 – refurbished the chassis
    • #ProjectChassis2017 – added many upgrades and details
    • #ProjectChassis2018 – Re-install the body and get #BadManxBuggy back on the road

Special Thanks To the following for all their help:

  • (Mom) Vera Sommerville for purchasing the MEYERS MANX Dune Buggy ®™
  • (Dad) Jim (Jimmy) Sommerville  and his mechanical expertise… “I can wire this up in my sleep”… couple of our later, his brother Doug suggested he take a nap… A story I will cherish forever…
William James Sommerville
December 9th, 1933 – Sunday, February 25th, 2018
  • Brad J. Sommerville for the mechanical expertise
  • Bruce W. Sommerville for the artistic splatter finish; metal fabrication on #ProjectChassis and refurbishing the 1964 chassis
  • Donna A. Sommerville for investing in precious metals
  • Barbara A. Sommerville for being my sister

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