2016 Canadian International Auto Show

The Canadian International Auto Show until Feb. 21/2016 in Toronto… Check out the Volkswagen concept car… man I want one…


volkwagen gti concept

(Bruce Reeve/CBC)

Volkswagen’s reputation has taken a beating amid the emissions-cheating scandal, but this GTI Roadster concept helps provide a distraction. It originated as a computer-generated vehicle for the Sony Play Station Gran Turismo 6 game before Volkswagen decided to make one in metal.

Or a mighty GMC…

High overhead

gmc truck

(Bruce Reeve/CBC)

Or a Viper would be a nice toy…

Snake handler

dodge viper acr

(Bruce Reeve/CBC)

The Dodge Viper ACR is street legal, but essentially a race car, with a 645-horsepower V-10 engine and elaborate aerodynamics that produce nearly a tonne of downforce at top speed.

And even something classis like this 1935 Chrysler…

Advertising for the ages

1935 chrysler

(Bruce Reeve/CBC)

In the show’s Art and the Automobile section, cars from the past are exhibited next to the advertising that was used to promote them, ranging from a 1904 Oldsmobile to a 1963 Studebaker Avanti. Seen here is a 1935 Chrysler.

And Exotic for the adventure in us all…

Rave performance

deadmau5 mclaren p1

(Bruce Reeve/CBC)

This McLaren P1 belongs to electronic musician Deadmau5, and is parked next to his customized Lamborghini Huracan.

Rockin’ exotica

pagani huayra

(Bruce Reeve/CBC)

The show’s Auto Exotica section includes a Pagani Huayra with a 730-horsepower AMG twin-turbo V12. It’s parked, very carefully, next to a racing version of the McLaren F1 road car. The last time one of these was sold at auction it went for a reported $13.75 million US.

Hope that I can make some time to make it to the show…. Sweet!

Happy #FamilyDay  Celebrate at#CIAS2016 with @VWcanada






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