#BadManxBuggy will not make it to Bug Out #38 – R.I.P. dad… I wanted to honor you at this show

Yeah, I’m so disappointed, I have happy memories of my dad and mom at this show ever since starting to attend #Volkswagen shows. This was the first show that #BadManxBuggy was ever in and I was bitten by the show #bug – pun intended… cheers to dad; R.I.P. free from #Cancer

it took me longer than expected to finish up the few pieces and I just took it for a spin… and….

To do list:

  • Adjust the clutch… I can’t get it in reverse
  • Adjust the brakes… the peddle is too low
  • Adjust the headlights
  • Align the front end and make sure everything is tight
  • Checked that the electrical system is charging properly

And that’s just from the first run… yeah really disappointed… but I can’t rush perfection.

Here is a shot of it, off the jack stands in 3 years and back on the ground.

Damn, it felt so good cruising in #BadManxBuggy once again, after 3 long years of blood, sweat and tears…. So disappointed…. ;-(

And a night shot, night, night, BadManxBuggy…


#BadManxBuggy Bri @ http://www.BadManxBuggy.com


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