#MerryChristmas and Seasons Greeting…. Cheers!

Okay, I think everyone can agree 2020 sucked big time and we all will be happy to see it go! But, let’s focus on the positive side of the Holiday Season. I think that everyone, can step back this year, from the usual holiday craziness and really enjoy this holiday season of 2020. Think about not having to deal with packed parking lots, retail stores, X-mas Rage from people that are stressed out, from the anxiety of the season, travelling through inclement weather conditions. The list goes on, trying to jamm’in as much as possible, spreading yourself so thin, there is no time to enjoy the holidays.

Okay, some may enjoy the above, but I do not, now for my positive spin… agree or disagree

STOP! Take a look around and I think everyone, can identify the most important people, person or interest you enjoy, right at your finger tips. (A loved one, pet, game, book, whatever it may be) Think about how the season was celebrated 100 years ago, taking away all of the modern distractions. Simple as, taking a walk Christmas Eve in the park with the one you cherish, person, pet whatever… winter or warmer activities, indoor or out, be creative and make it your own. I’m not saying there will be won’t be family members, impacted by the lockdown. Since my dad has passed, my mom will be on her own, and we will do our best to include her, safely. I’m suggesting we step back, go back to some of the basics and find good in each of our own surroundings. Pick up the phone and reach out to the ones you can’t visit, don’t simply post your thoughts on social media, thinking that everyone will see your wishes.

So posting on my blog is really a contradiction, but, this message is intended for our extended family.

Visiting my Dad and showing him I have the Buggy back together again.

#BadManxBuggy wants to share the following classic to our extended Dune Buggy, Volkswagen family, and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Enjoy a modern version of this Xmas Classic

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from #BadManxBuggy

Cheers, stay safe and healthy…


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